The Ottoman collection has its root in the regal and self-sufficient Old Turkish empire- The Ottoman Empire. The collection is inspired by the opulence and femininity of the modest Abaya Lagos Woman.

According to the creative director – Salihat Rahaman “ The Ottoman collection for me, is an opportunity to rewrite the narrative of modest fashion in Nigeria. I do not believe that Modest fashion should be attributed to affordable or cheap; you can choose to be a modest luxury woman and that is why the Ottoman collection features a lot of exclusively sourced fabrics that appeals to that modest woman that is given to a lifestyle of opulence.”

The Ottoman collection features rich dark metallic fabrics, a couple of pieces in bold hues and a debut of Abayas in soft feminine prints. It also features custom brocade designed abayas to fill the exclusivity need of the abaya Lagos woman.

The Ottoman collection will be unveiled at the Polo Avenue Fashion Series in a show of modest wear as it takes centre-stage in the luxury space. The event is themed “An Evening of Luxury in Ottoman Style”. The Polo Avenue Fashion series is an initiative created in 2015 by Polo Avenue to show their support for Africa’s vibrant and dynamic Fashion industry which has evolved over the years.

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